" You are here for a reason, all of you.," said Dementedous.

The Old Warehouse was a perfect place to hide. Dementedous brought fear to all students and teachers at Lincoln High School, a school filled with Super Heroes and Super Villains. Dementedous was a mass murderer, and he had supporters who aided him.

The House Of Dementedous.

"All of you are here because Lincoln High is having, yet again, another fresh batch of students. One of them is Adam Wayne, a boy posseses no super powers at all.," said Dementedous to his followers.

" Now, all of you have assignments to carry out as well.," Dementedous said. His army nodded and bowed.

" Devi, you will be shape-shifting yourself to look like one of those foul students. A new one, perhaps. Trick the boy to believe you are one, and when he finds out, kill him."

"Yes, my master. I was born to serve you.," said a black-haired woman with red-glowing eyes. She suddenly turned into a beautiful yet evil-looking teenager. Devi than teleported away.

" Wolfbane, you will be stalking the boy and his friends in the shadows. You can kill any student that finds you."

" Big Bad Wolf is honored to serve you.," yelled a mixture of a man and a wolf. He howled, jumped out the window, and began his quest to kill.

"The rest of you must kill as much as possible. Reveal yourselves if needed. Now, fly off!"

An army of purple-hooded men and women laughed and started to float. Suddenly, they turned into giant bats, and flew off to meet Devi and Wolfbane.

"What about me, sir?," said a mysterious shadow in behind Dementedous.

"Gabriel, you are the last person I trust with a mission like this, but I might as well give you one."

"What is MY mission, sir?"

"When the others reveal themselves to the boy and his friends, you must be there with Arthur. Show him you are alive, and kill Arthur."

"Yes, my liege."

Two red eyes gleamed in the shadows of the Warehouse. A giant grin filled with dagger-like teeth appeared under the eyes.


The End... For Now.

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