Halloween night. The perfect night to watch Meme's classic B-Movie collection.

Randall already made two batches of popcorn, and Faith had chosen the first B-Movie.

"Oh, which one is it?," Ronnie asked. Before now, Ronnie was Meme's rival, and HATED him. But now, for a really odd reason, the two are friends.

Faith, Meme's sister, turned over the DVD revealing the title to be...

"The Haydevil?," Randall asked. On the cover was a picture of a barn, and a scarecrow-like shadow looming over the grass.

"Yep. I hope ya don't do what my bro did.," Faith said.

"It had an AXE, Faith. I have a fear of axes!"


"Ok, let's stop arguing! How about we put the movie in the DVD player and WATCH it?," Ronnie said.

"Whatevs.," Faith said. She put the disk in the DVD player, and pressed start.

More coming soon!

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