Zim stood on the hill, in front of a strange school, looking out over the many dimensions. He saw the town where some of his classmates had come from. Behind that was his own reality, Genderswap, and Positionswap. Next to his own reality was the nightmare realm. Behind that was another point where you were surrounded by towns like this. Around that were many small realities. He turned to the right. He saw a small cluster, one small town, and the cluster of future realities, then the cluster of those from the past. Jutting out between the two groups of realities was a large ship, the Irken Empire reality. He couldn't see it over its realties that surrounded it, as they were rather large, but somewhere next to there was IZSF. Next to the ship was a small circle. It was one of the few realities that cannot be made canon. He knew a few fanfictions took place in similar settings, settings where someone is too effective in that reality to be hidden with canon characters. Around that, he noticed a few more of those small towns, but they where mostly on the other side of the ship. And he was focused on that first town, the town that everyone had been warned to stay away from. He knew that the last student who went there never came back. That student had ran into a forest and died. He then knew at least one thing: instead of going to his home, he would go there.

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