If you can't read Italian or French, I suggest having Google Translate open.

  • Invader-Mas Niow: Guys still boring......
  • 5:18 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: Look who
  • ENTER)
  • Minuit: Look who's talking. @Niow
  • 5:18 Invader-Mas XD)
  • Niow: Hahaha :T
  • Invader Jackera has left the chat.
  • 5:19 Invader-Mas Ffffffffuuuuuuuuu...... Gtg)
  • 5:19 ~InvaderXeena~ NOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  • 5:19 Invader-Mas Sowwy ;n;)
  • 5:19 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: *Mimics Niow* "Ha ha ha!"
  • 5:19 Invader-Mas Niow: Shut up...
  • 5:20 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: "Shut up!"
  • 5:20 Invader-Mas Niow: I said shut up!!
  • 5:21 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: "I SAID SHUT UP!"
  • 5:22 Invader-Mas Niow: *Growls* T_T
  • 5:22 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: *Growls as well*
  • 5:22 Invader-Mas Okai, NOW I have gtg... See ya~)
  • 5:22 ~InvaderXeena~ NUuuuuuuuu)
  • Just read meh PMMMM)
  • 5:23 Invader-Mas Niow; Oh, I'm an idiot that smells
  • 5:23 ~InvaderXeena~ Minuit: Well, I wasn't going to say anything about it. *Laughs* Fiore: *Giggles*
  • 5:23 Invader-Mas Niow: T_T f*** you.....
  • Bye)
  • XD)
  • 5:24 ~InvaderXeena~ Fiore: Guarda il sboccato!

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