Okay everybody, as you may know, we're at 298 pages, and not to mention only 3 more pictures and we will be at 600 pics on the Wiki. Just 2 (Pages) more,and we WILL hit the big Three Zero One Zero. I NEED YOU ALL TO HELP ME GET TO IT! It'll be quick but...Let everybody have a turn making a page. I'll list five other people to help:

'Invader Zeel'

The Big Three Zero Zero Page Contest!~

Invader Gia

Invader Peebles


Invader Moss


I hope that these pages turn out good! Because I'm also holding out a contest: Be they stories, character bio's, refference sheets, or random things, it won't matter. I will judge these by effort, hilarity, and theme towards the story. I will also judge by pairing, say for example ZADR gives you 3 points in the contest. Good luck all my friends, because the winner, will get three art requests. :3


  • Q: Does it have to be a one-shot?
  • A: Nope. It has to be 5 chapters or less.
  • Q: Is there a time limit?
  • A: Nopes.
  • Q: Can it be a crossover?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: 'Are canonxOC ships worth fewer points than canonxcanon?
  • A: Nopes. They have the exact same amount of points each. 1 point per shipping. But the limit is three so I don't see why I just said that...
  • Q: Finish the story before 300 or post the first chapter before 300?
  • A: Finish.
  • Q: Do I have to wait for other people to finish?
  • A: Nah, do it when you wanna.

Make sure you post your entry before we reach 300. You get an extra 5 points if it's posted before we reach our goal.

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