Mike walked out of the library. It was last night when Randy humiliated him in front of the whole university. Well, not just him. HIS WHOLE FRATERNITY.

Then again, it WAS Mike's fault that he wanted to go to the party anyway. But STILL! Why did Randy do that to him? Only for a few cupcakes on his face? And he couldn't control the pig, so a stunt like that didn't make sense!

"Hey, Mike."

And there was Randy. Grinning at Mike, he was holding on to his boyfriend, Meme.

"Hey, Mike! What's up?," the purple lizard asked.

Before he got hit by a book in the face.

"You KNOW why I did that, CHUM.," Mike said sternly. With that, he picked up his book, and walked away.

As Mike passed through the hall, he saw grinning faces, heard mean laughter, and a few quotes, too.

"Hey, it's The Pink Puffball!"

"AWWW!!! Look how CUTE you are!"

"Scarer, my butt! Hahaha!!"

Mike wanted to punch them all so badly.

More coming soon!

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