WOOP! Finally i got a pic of Tar drawn 8D

Name: Tar

Age: 14 in irken

Symbol: Cleaver

Height: An inch shorter than Tayree

Birthday: Sept 20th

Antenne <- Typo here. This place is lame with pre-schoolers spelling here. Style: Lays back, spikes across the top

SIR Unit: Has none

Most Likely to Say: "Anyone up for a fight?"

Least Likely to Say: "Don't hurt me!"

Love Interest: DSM

Physical Appearance

Tar wears a long, loose-fitting, lime green T-shirt with a small beige jacket over that, light blue pants , no gloves, and knee-length combat boots. He has pale green skin, his antennas flow back over his head and are spiked. His eye color changes depending on what mood he's in, but they are normally silver,though his eyes are covered by beige colored bandages.

2013-02-17 16-00-17.289


Pixie Tar&#039;

Pixie Tar


Tar wears the same shirt and pants as he does outside of disguise when he is in disguise. He also wears a scruffy black wig, and boots. His contacts are silver



(More to come soon)


Tar Pixel by DSM

Hawtshtuff 002

Tar's Teeth by DSM

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