Another Reason To Hate The Midgit

Tak woke up with 30 minutes to spare. 30 minutes before Irk High began. She got dressed, brushed her teeth, and ran out of her purple Dome-House all the way to Irk N' Donuts, her favorite diner.

"Hey, Tak. Need anything?," Rich E. asked. Rich was the owner of Irk N' Donuts, and a good waiter at that.

"Just a Jelly Donut and a container of lemonade.," Tak replied. Rich nodded and ran into the kitchen.

Suddenly, the doors opened, and a 5ft Irken walked in. His name was Zim, and Zim hated Tak. (for reasons I cannot list here.) For reasons unknown, he was a bully, and an absolute...thing most of the time.

"Hungry, Takia?," Zim asked.

"It's TAK, and yes, I am not trying to starve or dehydrate myself."

"Suuuuure. Anyways, I'm heading to the same school as well, and trust me, I'll be the greatest Invader ever."

"In your dreams, Midgit."

"SHUT UP, TAKIA!!!," Zim screamed. Steaming with anger, he stomped out of the diner. And just in time, as Rich came back with the donut and the lemonade.

Tak licked her chops, and started to drink her tall lemonade pitcher.

After she was done, she looked at the clock, realizing that she only had 10 minutes to get to school.

"Thanks, Rich!," Tak said, leaving money on the table.

Suddenly, as Tak got into the school, she realized she couldn't use the bathrooms, as the note she got said they were being fixed after an...incident.

"C'mon, Tak. You can hold it in.," she thought, walking off to class.

She later knew she couldn't.

More coming soon! Please comment!

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