Name: TAZ
IMG 1673


Species: SIR Unit

Height: Slightly smaller than GIR

Eye Color: Green

Symbol: Tiki lines

Favorite Color: Green

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (Assumed)

Love Interest: NAE (Possibly)

Most Likely to Say: "I wanna dance!"

Least Likely to Say: "...."

Master: Rae

Physical Appearance

TAZ is a light silver SIR Unit, every part that glows is a dark green. He has a single, long, slightly curled antenne. The compartment on the front of him is triangular. His head has many strange markings on it, that resembles a tiki mask.


TAz doesn't have a disguise, seeing as he doesn't leave the base often, and when he does, the humans don't seem to notice that he's a robot.



TAZ is like a little brother to Rae, he cares for his master deeply, and trys to defend him at any costs. TAZ is extremely loyal to Rae, because he made him what he is, Rae had attempted to upgrade him, but something when wrong, and the robot changed colors and named itself


TAZ and RIZ are wonderful friends, and they talk often. They talk about many things, such as Raccoons, flowers, cake, and other random things.


LiLi has a large and rather obvious crush on TAZ, but TAZ doesn't seem to notice. TAZ is one of the few people who can make LiLi happy, and knows what she looks like outside of duty mode. In fact, TAZ might be the only one who has ever seen her like that.


TAZ and RITA are close friends, and they like to fly around together and play all day. They both love raccoons and loud noises. TAZ and RITA like to dance a lot, which is good, because TAZ plays his IPod whenever she's around.


TAZ doesn't know much about NAE right now, but he fell in love with her immedietely, and told her that she was pretty, and gave her a hug. He likes to fly around and play with her.


TAZ is slightly more intelligent than the average SIR Unit, on the account of Rae had upgraded him, but he rarely ever uses this logic, and focuses strictly on creativity and having fun. He loves raccoons and armidillos. He loves everyone, and will defend everyone as well.
IMG 1704

TAZ and NAE (Aren't they cutez? ^-^)

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