A young blonde girl sat at her computer desk, just staring at her Word Pad program. She had sat there for over an hour, trying to write a story. She had tried everything imaginable. Books, playing cards, comic books, music, art, even basing stories off of her own dreams, which didn't always work out because her dreams were like puzzles; Having to piece together every bit for it to make sense.

She sighed and took a sip of her water. Not a drop left. Empty. She got up and walked to the bathroom and refilled her cup- for the 5th time.

Walking back to her desk, she figured she wasn't getting any ideas because she didn't have enough writing light. She opened up her bright yellow curtians, just as the sun was setting. She looked away, almost blinded by the bright light of the Sun. She stared at her computer clock. 6:58. She sighed. If she didn't get a story idea soon, she wouldn't get any at all!

She thought for a moment. Maybe she wasn't getting ideas due to her radio being on. But she loved the music, as it might help her get ideas. She turned it down, then stared back at Word Pad.

She sighed again. Now she didn't have story ideas, AND she was hungry, craving pizza, neverless! And she didn't even have any because she ate TWO of the 4 on Father's Day!

Ready to slam her head off her desk, she got it. The perfect story idea:

She could write about how she didn't have any story ideas!

One of the lamest ideas ever. But, as she had a craving to write SOMETHING, and pizza, she wrote it anyway.

click, tap, click, tap, tap, click

The sounds of her keyboard echoed around her lily-pink room as she typed. She was always good at typing really fast. She never knew why. Probably because she uses her hands so much.

As she finished her story, she saved it into her computer. She leaned back in her chair, proud of her progress. Now all she needed to do was connect to the internet to post it onto the Invader Zim Shipping Fanon wiki.

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