Aractek is home to the Spiderlings.It was once a lush,vibrant planet until the armada discovered it,turning it into a slave planet.It's lush forests died out,many Spiderlings were either harmed surverly or killed, and mightnear all of the wild life was killed off to make way for prisons for dangerous defective irkens.


Spiderlings are humaniod-ish spider like creatures.They only have 2 legs to walk on,and are very docile.However they can be deadly if provoked.Spiderlings have a furry black,3 segmented body,like normal earth spiders,walk on 2 legs and have 2 fangs on either side of their mouth,which holds their venom.They only live off of what they need and no more than that.Spiderlings do not use technology and are a "Green" type race.Spiderling hatchings are vulnerable to alot of things.If on earth they can not breath the air because it's not rich enough and they would die from it.Unless some thing was done to keep them alive till the age of 2.(2 earth years equals 1 year on Aractek)

(More to come soon)

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