Height:half a foot


Age:5 in irken

Parents:Rae and Ven


Fav color:Orange

Antenne style:Waves backwards and up,small sythes on the ends

Eye color:Orange(Right eye) Black(Left eye)



Sig has the normal light green skin,he is about half a foot tall,he wears a light orange uniform that has a small star stitched onto the front,no lines,small black pants and no boots or gloves.


Sig is more or less a flirt,but only flirting with Eve,calling her Evening Star and saying she's pretty.Now he's a little more careful about who he is alone with,and is very weary around Kagami,and tries to stay as far away from her as possible.


Eve:Sig has a major crush on Eve,and flirts with her alot.He pfften wonders if she has a crush on him as well.

Rae:Sig loves his Dad very much and often asks about how to talk to Eve with out passing out.

Ven:Sig love his Mom very much and often asks on what to say to Eve

(More to come soon)

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