Concept art of the new Shock.

Name: Unit 44-K (Goes by Shock)

Age: Unknown

Birth Date: N/A

Likes: Peace, Loyal to the Martial Court, those who do good

Dislikes: Those who do evil, goths, and Zim. 

Most likely to say: "Affirmative."

Least likely to say: "I am out-dated."


He is a tall, rover-like/giant cyborg creature and talks much in a matter of like liberty prime from fallout 3. He has a large, minigun from his chest hatch, and has six, cold-blooded missiles from each side of his chest; which are closed by a blast-hatch when not in use. His minigun has infinite ammo, and only needs a half-second to reload. His visor can also fire a small lazer. He can also run at 78 MPH. He is incapable of flight.

Unit 444-K was created in a parallel universe, just "outside" of the Invader zim universe, and therefore is more advanced than most humans than in his universe. 

444-K is neutral, since he has some trouble still dectecting what is good or bad. Though, he can sense either of them if it gets in range of him. (About a four-hundred fifty mile radius.) He can fire a four-barreled minigun from a large hatch in his chest, and on each side of his robotic arms, he can fire cold-blooded missiles. His eyes change depending on a condition. (Blue for peaceful, red for hostile, and purple when communicating.) He weighs 5600 pounds.


  • He is one of the few robots on the Invader Zim Universe. (one of the others being GIR) I forgot about the other SIR units on the wiki...
  • To the above statement, he is also more sexy upgraded than SIR units because of his weaponry.
  • He sounds very similar to Liberty Prime from Fallout 3.
  • Was once malfunctioned and talked like a drunk pirate, but ever since the Five Amigos story arc, Shock (as he is now typed) is once again fully fuctional.

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