Name: Shim

Species: Irken

Age: 12 (Irken) 120 (Human)

Gender: Male

Height: 4'9

Weight: Unknown

Eye color: Blue-violet (Irken) Sky blue (Human)

Hair color: Black (Wig)

Born: Unknown/None

Parents: Zim's "Parents"/The Roboparents


Shim is in all ways Zim's protege. He watches Zim's every move and mimics his attitude perfectly. Though that doesn't make him a carbon copy of Zim in any way. He has his own personality which is a seriously-fun type of person. He likes part-taking in pranks, jokes, and other of the same kind. But can be very serious when it comes to Skool, friends and the well being of his best-friend SIR unit, GIR II. Named after Zim's incompitant SIR unit, GIR, obviously.

Physical Appearance

He has the typical Irken green skin with bright blue-violet eyes. His anntenae are the normal male Irken's but at the bottom it looks fried a little. His clothing style consists of some type of variant of the invader's uniform which has his own personal touch. It's color is ruby with a black symbol that looks like an upside down version of the Irken battle insignia minus the antennae and eyes, his sleeves,collar, and shoulder guards are bright purple and the collar sags to his lower neck. Connected to his tunic is a purple-pinkish cape that goes to below his knees. His pants are gray with matching grey boots with black accents. And rather than metal-toed his boots are rubber-toed. Also he has the normal black gloves that go to his elbows.
2012-08-03 02.00.21

Shim (Irken)

In his human disguise he has a loosely-fitting red t-shirt consisting of the same symbol on his uniform. He ceases to make his gloves go away. He has gray baggy sweat-pants and the same boots but shorter, ankle length. His eyes are a bright blue and remain in a narrowed look as if always irritated, however they malfunctioned and he has fairly long eyelashes, only an inch longer than the normal length.



Zim is Shim's idol and he majorly looks up to him as a bigger brother or role model.



  • In my various FF fanfictions he is actually Zim's dad, but for the sake of the website I just added him as another character.

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