"School Picture Day."

These were the words that Randall hated. The day was here where if you didn't get a good picture, you'd be one of the laughing-stocks of the day. Good thing Randall didn't have hair he needed to flatten.

Putting on his purple tie, Randall opened the door, only to see Meme, dressed in a casual outfit. Guess he wasn't the best one with fashion sense.

"Ready, Randy?," Meme asked his boyfriend.

"Sure...," the lizard replied.

The duo decided it would be a good idea to use the showers before going to the office. Randall turned the knob in the middle of Hot And Cold.

"Ahhhh! That hits the spot!," Randall said as the water hit his body.

Suddenly, he felt something on the floor of the shower. Looking down, he found a purple piece of skin.

He then found another, this time in his hand. And another on his tail. And two more on the floor!

"Oh, no."

He was shedding. On School Picture Day. In the school.

Randall proceeded to turn invisible and walk out of the shower. He needed to tell Ms. Morphball, the University Nurse.

He was 19, so why was he shedding at such an old age? It didn't make sense. But one thing that DID make sense was that he couldn't be seen by The Rodikers.

More coming soon!

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