Scipy stood in the schoolyard. She had gathered all of her friends: Eileen, Zim, Dib, Gaz, Margaret, and Biorg. She had something new to show them, and if they didn't like it, well, they could be doomed. Not because of her, of course, but because of her robot. Yeah, that's right, she had a new robot. "So, Scipy, are you going to talk or what?" Biorg asked, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Well, um, ahem, Hello! I'm glad you all came here! I guess you're wondering why I gathered you here. Well, good news, I made a new robot!" Scipy said, loud as usual. Biorg looked down. "I regret saying that.." Eileen raised her hand. "Scipy, robots are awesome. But what's it's name?" She asked. "It's name's MiTH!" Scipy said. Zim asked, "MiTH? What's it stand for? Anything?" "Nope!" Scipy replied. A purple and yellow robot ran oven to Scipy. She bowed to Scipy, then looked at everyone. Gaz opened one eye. "Is that... A Dimentio robot?" She asked. "Nope!" Scipy replied. Then the robot spoke. "Hello, useless earthlings. I am MiTH. scipy created me to be a loyal SIR and help her with her evil." Dib looked at the robot, then back at Scipy. "It's great that you have a robot and all, but did you have to make it so...mean?" he asked. "It's not even a SIR! It's just junk!" Zim said. MiTH's pink eyes flashed red. "You dare insult me, foolish Irken?" She lunged at Zim, who ran. Dib laughed. "I guess there's some good things about your robot after all."

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