Contest entry Sadi and Lar by DefectiveFal

One on the left is Larr.

Odd Abilities by Zerna

Zerna on the left and Sadi on the right.

That was unexpected by Zerna
Tact by zerna-d31scmi



XD I would so do this to Zeel!

Feed a Cold Carve a Fever by Zerna

Aw poor Zeith XD

BS Rnd 2 Page 5 by Zerna

Sadi you dum dum,of course he's magicalz XD


I love her expresion in panles 2 and 3 XD


XDDD Run Bugs run~

Contest music themed flamingo by invadervictoria-d58ttfp

Sadi:Maybe....If I don't won't see me


XDD Gotta love'em

Okay,Some if not most of you may know of Zerna's IZ OC,Sadi.If not,here's some funny comics of Sadi and her "Friends"
My kingdom for a cookie by zerna-d3147h4

Sadi must really want that cookie.Fibra made the right choice.


This is what happens to someone new that Sadi meets.the one on the far right is Sadi.

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