Name: Unknown (Is Observer of chat room's SCP)

Age: N/A

Height: 7"2

Most likely to say: (He can't talk)


Base model for SCP-000

Least likely to say: (Again, he can't talk)    


SCP-000 or just Zero, is a statue that can move whenever someone blinks or the main person it's focusing on isn't looking at it. It doesn't have any main weapons and doesn't usually hurt anyone; nor does it want to. However, It can and will attack anything that insults it or something it likes, or something that seems evil. He is also natrually very tall and un-earthly strong.

Powers and abilites:

When something is focusing on it, if that subject blinks, or looks away, SCP-000 can move at blinding speeds to catch up to that target.

Or, SCP-000 can make whistling noises to distract and/or scare and startle anybody near him.


  • It is not evil, but it likes to pull harmless pranks on irken or human targets.
  • It stands seven feet, two inches.
  • It usually assumes the form of a pioneer back in the 1800s. It now takes the form of whatever it wants, usually a humanoid with a fedora and a blank expression.
  • It can be assumed that it is a male. (XD)

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