SADR is the shipping between Scipy and Dib. Scipy is very nice towards Dib, and Dib likes Scipy because she is interested in his paranormal studies and likes his head.

Scipy's POV

Scipy has a huge crush on Dib. She likes him, never teases him, and likes his head. Scipy is interested in what Dib studies, and says she would prove Zim's an alien if her rules allowed it. Scipy only teases Dib about his fear of a moose (as seen in "A Room with a Moose"). She thinks it's very funny.

Dib's POV

Scipy and Dib talking

Scipy and Dib talking

Dib likes Scipy as a friend because she likes his head and his paranormal studies. He wonders why her rules don't allow her to prove that Zim's an alien. Dib usually doesn't feel like Scipy is teasing him, but when she laughs about his fear of a moose or runs around after shape shifting into him and screams "I WANT WAFFLES!" like GIR, he feels like she thinks he's crazy. But when he tells her this Scipy says, "Your 20% crazy Dib. 20%. And if everyone stops teasing you then it might reduce to 10%. But 20% isn't much. I'm 25% crazy and I'm still sane."

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