Name: Rudolph (friends call her Rudi or Roo)

Species: Irken

Height: A bit taller than Luun

Eye colour: Red (right eye) and Blue (left eye)

Favourite colour: Yellow

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Love interest: None yet

Most Likely to Say: "yay!"

Least Likely to Say: "**** off."

Physical Appearance

Roo has green skin and red an blue eyes. Her antennae are long and sticky uppy. Her uniform is the same as normal, but in yellow. Her PAK is the dark purple.


Roo's disguise is a plain yellow T-shirt, blue jeans and grey converse with black gloves and choker. She has a golden blonde wig which is made into two pigtails on top of her head.


Roo is a kind person who loves making new friends. She's a little hyperactive, but has a serious side too. She loves eating, acting, fashion and video games. She also likes to hula hoop. She is very curious and often has a confused face which looks like this: (•.•)


Doesn't know anyone yet!

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