Name: Rotimi

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: He taller than most people in his group

Homeplanet: Irk

Born: Unknown

Eye color: Blue and white (Blue: Human)

Hair: White (Human)

Love interest: Non at the moment

SIR: Unknown

Most likely to say: "Idiots..."

Least likely to say: "Sure! I would LOVE to play a game!"

Physical Appearance:


He's eyes are dark blue with white, and his antenneas are nearly like Zim's, only they are a bit more wavey and has a blue robot design. He has a scar on his right side of his face, and wears a REALLY long orange and white scarf. He's uniform is blue and brown, with a wavey style at the bottom. He wears normal black gloves and boots, with black jeans. 


Rotimi's past is a mystory to everyone, no matter who it is. Only a few people know a bit of his history, and what made Rotimi, him. He always keeps things to himself, but the only thing that he doesn't really keep to himself, is how he got his scar. That story, you'll have to ask him yourself..


He could be mean when he wants to, or when he has to. Rotimi, being him, only likes being nice to the people that he likes, if not, he'll be mean and do what he wants. He hates things that are too dark, and secretly, loves poety. He likes some types of music, but really he hates the thing all together. He likes to fix things. 

(*Brain dead*)



This OC belongs to Invader-Mas, AKA: Sammy, so please don't use him without asking me first, and please don't try to edit this page, thankies~


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