Roc is an invader that was in OID1, and she is my first OC. 


Roc was an invader in Operation Impending Doom One, and was in Smeet training acadamy with Zim and Scoodge. She didn't get injured from Zim's desruction of Irk and left early to conquer her assigned planet, Zooch. She was assigned a SIR unit, and she customized it by changing the eyes to purple, making the head like Gir's, and painting a black dot on the SIR's forehead, thus earning the name Dot. After conquering her planet, she calls the tallest, but when flying back to Earth, her ship's engine crashs and she and her SIR unit, Dot, plummet to Earth. Ironicly she ends up on Zim's lawn. It actually took her 6 years to plummet because Zooch is so far away from Earth, so OID2 was already in progress. She wakes up from the damage and finds Dot in metal pieces. Roc fixes Dot, Zim helps Roc make her base, and then Dib comes over to stop Zim. That's when Roc's crush on Dib develops. Then later Roc meets other Irkens on Earth and then she's where she's at today. 


Roc is really easy to anger. She's mean, but she wouldn't kill somebody. She's actually pretty calm and nice to be friends with, but she has bursts of anger when she starts levitating. Whenever she's really angry, her eyes glow a solid blue color. She goes CRAZY over skittles and will basically do anything for them. Overall she's a nice irken but can get angered.

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