Name: Rin

Species: Irken

Eye color: Orange (Irken) Green (Human)

Hair color: Black (Human)

Age: 13 (Irken) 130 (Human)

Siblings: None

Symbol: Jetpack


Appearance: Rin's skin is a light green. She has orange eyes and long, sharp-pointed antennae. She has a device, similar to Tak's, which allows her to read minds/control people (Grandma added the deivce). She wears a very unusual shirt, disguised to look like three seperate shirts. A red tanktop, a yellow t-shirt, and a blue long-sleeved shirt with an orange skirt and matching boots with pink tights.

Personality: Rin is a very hyperactive and fun-loving Irken. She is always up for a challenge, be it dangerous or harmless. She will always drag you along for an adventure, if you want to or not. (TBC)

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "Come on, it's Adventure Time!" (Snuck that in for RBH's sake)

Least likely to say: "Are you INSANE?! I'd never participate in something as dangerous as that!" or "Heavens no! I'd break a nail!"


LMX's grandmother helped create this character.


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