I will address Riley as "he/she" since his/her gender is to remain secret.


He/she has short dark brown hair, with a haircurl cuz I felt like giving him/her one, and blue eyes. He/she is also a bit underweight. He/she usually wears a red shirt, tight blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.


He/she is usually extremely apethetic and has a very "whatever"-ish attitude, but he/she isn't heartless. He/she doesn't care very much, if at all, that he/she is constantly being targeted. He/she lives life at his/her own pace, not caring at all what the world thinks, what events happen, or what anyone says. He/she believes it's his/her life, therefore he/she should be able to live it as quickly or as slowly as he/she wants to.

He/she cares deeply about his/her very few friends and refuses to stand to see them hurt or upset. He/she shows anger only when his/her friends are picked on, and has the ability to fight like a well-trained master ninja. If any of his/her friends are pushed around too much, he/she will make sure to protect them. But if one of his/her best friends are pushed around, he/she will absolutely hate said bully forever.


  • He/she is from Hungary, and is one-third Hungarian, one-third Turkish, and one-third Romanian.
  • His/her creator wanted an extremey unique character, and so she created him/her.
  • He/she is very secretive about his/her sexuality and gender and gives it only to people he/she really trusts, and he always makes sure to tell said trustworthy person as a sign of his/her trust.
  • His/her ring holds magical powers from other worlds, though he/she rarely ever uses its magic, and even more rarely uses it for his/her own benefit.
  • His/her haircurl is equivalent of the haircurl on any of my other characters who has one (which is the equivalent of Italy's), but pulling his/hers won't trigger much of a reaction.

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