Warning: ZAGR

I tossed and I turned all night long. I couldn't sleep; I sat up in my bed and look at my alarm

"10:12," I muttered.

I sighed; rolled onto my stomach and stared up at my 'Swollen Squirrel' poster. Soon growing bored, I layed on my back and stared at my ceiling.

Something brushed the arm of my pink, winged pajamas. A rubber piggy, given to me by a certain silver robot. I pushed it away, and kept staring at my ceiling.

Why can't I just fall asleep? I thought.

I could hear the constant clicking of computer keys coming from my brother's room.

Is that why I can't sleep? I thought it over and decided against it, I've slept through his all night rantings before, why should clicking be any different?

Suddenly, there was a bright light appeared outside my window. There was a shadow standing in front of the glass. It look from left to right before pulling at my window. It came open with ease, and the figure dropped to the floor. It hit the ground face first. It groaned as it stood, before approaching my bedside.

A leather-clad hand caressed my hair, and a soft, loving, gentle kiss was placed on my forehead. I knew that touch... it was him.

"Sleep well, my little Gaz."

Then he did something unexpcted, he climbed into my bed with me. His antenne brushed my face as he rolled over towards me.

Almost immedietly he was asleep.

As he nestled into the blanket, I watched him.

So peaceful..., I thought.

You wouldn't think this was the same alien who tries to conquer the Earth every day.

I stared at him for a moment, and before I knew it, I found myself cuddled up against him.

I don't know if he did this on purpose, or if he was just moving in his sleep, but his arms wrapped around me.

I felt relaxed,

Imagine that... I'm curled up by a power crazed alien and I'm relaxed.

As my eyelids grew heavy, I realized what I needed all this time. All I wanted was to be with someone who truly loves me...

Finally I drifed into a deep, relaxing, sleep, in his arms.

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