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Name: Rene "Renny" (Pronounced "Reh-nae")

Species: Irken

Eye color:  Pink and pink-ish purple

Hair color:  Brunette (Human)

Age: 14 (Irken) 140 (Human)

Siblings: None

Symbol: Book


Appearance: Rene's skin is a light green. Her PAK is dark grey with very light pink spots. She wears a long, pink and purple-ish dress, matching her eyes. She wears white socks and black boots. Her antennae are in a very unusual shape.

Disguise: In her disguise, Rene wears a brunette wig with green contacts. She wears a long-sleveed shirt version of her dress, and black tights with a white skirt. She wears short white socks, and grey sneakers.

Personality: Rene is the quiet type, and she is very friendly. She ries never to get mad, but when she does, she saves up all her anger and takes it out on the person who made her angry in the first place.

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "Hi..."

Least likely to say: "GET OUT OF HERE!!"


Her Creator is pretty sure she adopted this character--Or the name, at least--from Hyper.

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