Rex normal

Rex in his normal atire,he was just insulted by Eveyln.

Name:Relix (Perfers Rex)

Height:Same as Deathbloom


Fav color:Red


Eye Color:Red

Love intrest:Jun

Ones he strongly dislikes:Zazsa,Toeto and Evelyn


Being that he was an experiment created from The Tallest,Deathbloom and Amore's DNA,Rex is rather tall,thin and athletic.He has two huge white wings that come out from between his shoulder blades.Rex wears a tight dark red shirt and the normal black pants.His PAK is black with a red lightning bolt like stripe down the center.


Ever since he relized what he was,he's hated the tallest,making his life very hard.He was alway picked on by the older smeets for having wings or being the Tallest's pet.Rex has always hated being called by his full name,and it bothers him to the point of lashing out at the ones that tease and picked on him.


Jun:When he first met Jun,he fell in love,though he's not sure how she feels about him.Rex takes her with him flying alot,and when Jun left for a long time,He went into a bad depression,refusing to leave his base,however when Jun came back,He was over joyed.

Zim:Though he doesn't know Zim,he trys to stay away from him,as much as possible.

Tak:Rex has had a few run ins with Tak,and tries to avoid her,though it never works and they always wind up meeting some where.

Zsaza:He really really strongly dislikes her.She is always picking at him,making him mad or pestering him.

Evelyn:Rex REALLY dislikes Eveyln.She started calling him by his full name,then calling him other names.

(More will come soon,imma little brain dead XD)

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