She has short brown hair and her eyes are usually bright green. Her eyes change with her mood, and are usually only green when Amelie is around. When she gets depressed, usually when Amelie isn't around, they fade to a dark, dull blue. When she's upset, they change to red-orange, and when she's extremely depressed, they turn dark purple. She has deep scars that cover her arms, legs, and stomach—and there are a few on her face—from all the times she has attepted suicide in the past, which isn't the most uncommon thing for a Lithuania who grew up in Lithuania. She usually wears a long yellow, green, and red striped dress, dark brown boots, and a purple heart-shaped locket.


She is sad most of the time—which she has only told Amelie—so she just smiles to make sure no one finds out. Being around Amelie, though, cancels out her depression and makes her completely forget about how sad she usually is. She is always worrying about one thing or another. Whether it's about what could possibly happen to Amelie on her trips to Poland, or about when World War III will happen, or about one of the countries being stupid enough to fire their nuclear weapons, she's always worrying about something—it's almost like she enjoys having stomach aches.


  • She is the first one of her creator's Baltics, as well as the first of her creator's Soviets. Possibly the first of both on this site.
  • She wears yellow, green, and red because her creator got lazy and just decided to pick the colors of the Lithuanian flag rather than coming up with her own coloration for Rasa's dress.
  • Her creator figured that making her suicidal would make sense, as Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in the world.
  • She knows a total of five languages: Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, and English.
  • She is interested in the pasts of many different nations and finds very few things more interesting than reading a history textbook.

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