This Is A Little Excerpt From The Book 'Chasing Veameer by Blue Ballet. NOTHING BELONGS TO ME except for Miz! *SOME NAMES AND WORDS WERE ALTERED TO FIT*

Zim: Yeah, I guess Ms. Bitters would've thought that was cool, finding a letter that was off-limits,

Miz: That's not very nice. You don't like her?

  • Zim digs in his pockets a little*

Zim: I do.

  • Miz gives Zim a look then smirks and turns to him*

Miz: You're jealous of me.

Zim: I am not!

  • Miz turns the other way smirking as behind her Zim is annoyed*

Miz: Admit it.

Zim: Well, just about your storeroom idea.

  • Miz stops smirking and turns back to Zim*

Miz: Of course.

  • Runs off*
  • Zim looks confused then takes a pentimo out of his pocket and tosses it in the air and catches it with his palm*

Zim: I for idea.

  • Zim looks on at Miz's closed door*

Zim: Or is it I for idiot.