DJ and Meg

Meg sat on the ground, her blue dress spread out beneath her, she had scissors in her hands, and was cutting out something from paper.

She had been doing this for a while now, and was almost finished, just a few more snips would do it.

A thick English accent gave her a slight panic, "Meg? Meg, are you here?"

"Oh, no!" She whispered to herself, "This is for DJ! It's not done yet!"

"Love?" The door opened slightly, and she could see a sandy-brown haired boy standing in the doorway, he was covering his eyes, just in case he saw something he shouldn't have.

Seizing this moment, Meg gathered all the pieces and hid them under her bed, "Mais oui, I'm here." She stood up and moved his hands away from his eggplant eyes, "It's alright to open your eyes, Mon Amour."

"Oh, yes, well, I didn't want to take any chances."

The Parisian girl laughed, "Well, come in." She turned, walked back into the room, and sat on the bed.

DJ followed her, "What were you doing in here?"

"Uhm...I was..." She bit her lower lip and glanced around the room, trying to find something to say.

"You were...?" He prompted.

After a few moments of a rather awkward silence, Meg decided it was best to come clean, "I was making your Valentine's Day gift."

"Really? How wonderful of you!" He smiled, "You didn't have to do anything for me, Love, just having you is the best thing I could hope for." DJ hugged her.

Meg blushed when DJ let go of her, and reached down underneath the bed to grab what she was making.

What she gathered, were puzzle pieces, some white, and others red, some of them even had letters on them.

"You made this?" DJ asked, picking up one of the pieces.

Meg nodded, "Oui."

"You are absolutely brilliant, my dear," He said, kissing her on the cheek.

Meg blushed again.

"Now all I need to do is figure out how to put the thing together..." DJ murmured, knowing all too well he wasn't very good at puzzles.

She laughed, "Here, I'll help you."

Together they sat, talking and laughing while attempting to solve the Valentine's Day puzzle.

When they finally finished, all it was, was a simple red heart on a white background, with three words printed on it.

Although, these three words touched DJ more than anything else...

I love you.

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