Scipy dug her claws into the wall as the floor fell beneath her, onto the guards below. "Well, that was easy" She said to herself. Dangling by one paw, the vibrating PAK of Gashloog in the other, was no challenge for the half-cat. She dropped down to face the remaining guards, hissing and showing her sharp, blood-soaked teeth. She swiped one with her free paw, while kicking the other behind her. The third gurard took off his helmet, revealing himself to be Zim. "Zim?! What are you doing here?!" Scipy shrieked. "I want to escape, is what I'm doing, worm-brain!" He snapped back. "Well, run, then!" She said, shoving him down the halway. Sizz-Lor stood guarding the exit. "You may have made it this far, but you are NOT going to kill my servant!" He yelled. "I would assume by now he's already dead! And besides, I'm more dangerous then all the creators put together!" Scipy hissed back. Sizz-Lor reached out to grab the two forner Invaders, but Scipy jumped into the air, flipping over and dropping the PAK to grab onto the ceiling. "Enjoy your execution Zim!" She called down to the shorter Irken.

Two guards walked Zim down to the trial room. "Stupid Scipy! I thought she appricieted Zim! But she left me here to die!" He muttered to himself. "Shut up, shorty!" A guard said, slapping Zim overv the shoulder. "Hey! Don't sla-" Zim was cut of by tape beging placed over his mouth. "Mmmmmffff! Mmm mmmffmmnnn mmmfff!" Zim shouted. They arrived at a room full of weapons. The other guard walked over to a pile of axes and grabbed the sharpest one. She held it at Zim's neck. "Hold still Zim, this can be quick and painful." She said. She swung the axe, but Zim dived under it, the blow cutting off his arm and leaving a deep gut across his chest. He looked up at the guards, eyes asking for help and mercy. "You chose to die like this, Zim." The guard said, shaking her head and frowning. She and her partner left, leaving Zim alone to die.

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