A young brunette girl tossed and turned violently in her sleep. Finally waking up from her nightmare, she rolled over to check the time.

"Oh fick," she muttered after reading the three bright red numbers on her digital clock. Only six nineteen? Really?

She usually woke up around eight o'clock on the weekdays and Sunday, and nine or ten o'clock, sometimes eleven, on Saturdays. She didn't want to be up that early. No matter how much she snuggled into the warm blankets, she wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep for a long while unless she played her Resting With Prussia sundtrack on her main cell phone. However, when she pressed the button on the top of it to turn the screen on, it didn't light up. It was dead. How wonderful.

She plugged her phone in, hoping it would charge enough to turn on within a few minutes, but of course, that wasn't going to happen. She closed her her eyes and rested her hands on her chest for about ten minutes, listening to the rain pour down onto the ground and the roof of her house. No, it wasn't going to work.

She put on the gray shawl she had gotten several weeks ago, raised the blinds, sat down in her partially-broken chair, and rested her head against the window pane. It was so cold next to the window, but she tried to ignore it. She watched the rain hit it, and the small droplets trickle down.

"Heh..." she murmured, a vague, lifeless look in her eyes and a slight, emotionless smile. She wasn't sure why she was smiling. She didn't feel happy or accomplished or anything. She felt powerless, weak, worthless, and worthless. She was just like the raindrops in a few ways. She was holding on with all the power she had, (unlike the rain, climbing upwads occasionally,) but she was doomed to lose it all someday. She had the same fate as every drop of rain that fell onto her window. No matter how hard she tried to stay up, she would always fail overall even if she didn't fail at everything.

"Ich frage mich," she whispered, "wann dieser Tag kommen wird."

Her phone lit up with an yellowish light, signifying it was up to fifteen percent charged. She stood up and right before she closed the blinds, something stopped her.

On the window, there was a group of raindrops that were closer together than most. They very poorly spelled out her name.


She then proceeded lowered the blinds, took off her shawl, and layed back down, yawning. She turned on her cell phone, but before she turned on the soundtrack, she decided to put up a story on the Invader Zim Shipping Fanon wiki, her favorite site.

She then snuggled into the blankets and turned on the soundtrack, closed her eyes, and was asleep within a few minutes.

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