Book 2

Here, guys. I decided to add this to help this page.

Authors Note:Mhmz,A poem.A TADR poem. This is my first shippin poem so enjoy!~ Btb I'll add a few more shippin poems as I go.



Fighting Soul

Blindly Eyeing

For These Two

There's No Disguising

The Love Between

Their Beating Hearts

Charcoal Grey

With Silver Lining

They Can't Denie It

And Now They Go

To Be Forever

For Their Love

Can Not Be Severed


(Yeah I wrote this one in my math class a few days ago.Sorry it's kinda short and If Hyper spots this,Hope ya like it! Enjoy~)

So kind and caring

always sharing

thoughts and feelings

no mater if they hurt

Kind and loving

always hugging

Someone who is down or sad

she knows wrong from right

good from bad

and never loose sight

that's what make her

a great leader

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