This character belongs to ~InvaderXeena~ Or, LMX. Please do not edit this without her permission. This means you, Yuki.Edit

Name: Penny


Eye color: Yellow

Hair color: Green (disguise)

Age: 11 (Irken) 110 (Human)

Siblings: Ming

Symbol: Cherry


Appearance: Penny's skin is a light green, and her antennae are the rounded at the ends. She wears a basic red, orange and yellow version of the Invader uniform, and wears a light green bow on her head. Penny's eyes are yellow, and she has a purple heart above her left eye

. Disguise: In her disguise, Penny wears a red t-shirt, an orange  skirt and yellow pants. She wears the same, light green bow, and she has purple, human contacts, and a green wig. She wears orange sneakers, and she has the same heart above her left eye.

Personality: Penny is a very shy and quiet type of Irken. She couldn't fight, even if she was in danger. She is easy to get along with, though she is very weak.

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "..."

Least likely to say: "HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!" Trivia:

She isn't an annoyingly-imperfect sue. Just..Putting that out there.

She's a defect.

Pics coming soon.

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