Chapter One

"Hush, Kagami, don't start crying again."

Deathbloom sat in her bedroom, gently rocking her small baby girl back and forth. The baby, Kagami, was five days old.

Right as Kagami's eyes were beginning to close, the doorbell rang. Deathbloom stood up and answered it. She instantly regretted not leaving Kagami in her bedroom when she saw who it was.

"Hey, Deathbloom. Wait, what's that??" Jon demanded, pointing at the baby in Deathbloom's arms.

"N-nothing!" Deathbloom replied, slamming the door, though she didn't really expect Jon to just stay outside.

The door burst open and Kagami started crying.

"What do you mean, 'nothing'? Where did you get that thing?"

Deathbloom sighed and sat down on the couch. "She is a girl, not a thing, and she's yours. Her name is Kagami."

"I don't care what it's name is, it's not mine! Why didn't you say anything before?"

"Maybe I didn't think you could handle it at first!" Deathbloom flashed back.

Jon balled his hands into fists. "Didn't you trust that I could handle it? You should have been able to trust me!"

"I was right not to trust you, wasn't I? Plok at how you're taking this whole father thing! You aren't taking it well at all!"

"I refuse to play the role as the fathers in this situation! Go get Dante or Tobyr to do that, because I quit!"

Deathbloom had just about had it with the cowardly quitter Kagami had for a father. She furiously got up, put Kagami down on the couch, and kicked Jon in the face. She was way beyond caring about all the things he had done for her. "Now get out of my house!"

Rubbing where Deathbloom had kicked him, Jon scrambled to the door.

Deathbloom sat back down on the couch an picked Kagami up, humming the sweet tune of "Toeto."

"God," she murmured, "help me be A good mother. My dad doesn't approve, so if You don't help, then I'm sure to fail."

"Don't you think you were a little harsh?" Deathbloom looked around, but she didn't see anyone.

"What makes you ask that? Why are you in my house?" Deathbloom demanded.

"In my opinion, you went a little too far."

"Who asked you??"

"Why are you getting so upset? I'm only trying to give out some advice. I'll get going now, seeing that you don't really want me here."

Deathbloom tried to calm down as she snuggle Kagami closer to her stomach. She smiled down at the half-asleep baby and started softly singing "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance." When the song was over, she went back into her room to go to bed.

She lighty kissed the sleeping baby's forehead and placed her in her crib. "I love you, Kagami." She put her daughter in her crib and got into her own bed. "Sleep well, my precious child."

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