PARR is the (one-sided) shipping of Phineas Flynn and RITA as a couple


Phineas thought RITA was adorable when he first saw her outside of her disguise. He "Awws" a lot when she is around, and will do mostly whatever she askes him to. He treats her like he treated Meap when he first met him. He found it cute when she called his head a triangle. He thought it was sweet when she gave him a kiss on the cheek. When she came over the next day, he waved and said Hello to her.


When she first laid eyes on Phineas, she loved him immedietly. She giggled every time she saw him, and called his head a triangle. He found that adorable. She climbed up to his cheek and gave him a big kiss there before laughing adorably, and running back in the house. Phineas thought that was delightfully cute. RITA begged to come with her master the next day, when Zay finally agreed, she ran out the door; across the street; into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, and yelled "Phineas!" Afterwards, she gave him a tight hug before saying that she loved him.

Stories Containing This Shipping

Welcome to Danville - By Invader Gia

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