"Hey, Pee-Body!"

Randall sighed. Couldn't everyone just FORGET about last night for once? Wait, no. That'd be TOO HARD!

Dynamic, that jerk of a student, decided that it would be a good idea to dump urine from different toilets onto Randall. And during PROM, too!

Of course, he couldn't do anything. The Dean would laugh, and Mike, his old friend, was in the prank, too.

"Hey, Boggs! Brought your jacket?"

The ROR's were walking up to him. Since the incident happened, they expected Randall to give his ROR Jacket back. Yep, Randy was kicked out of ROR because of Dynamic.

Another part of his life ruined.

Johnny Worthington and Chet Alexander came over to him, big smirks on their stupid faces. It was now...

"Well, Pee-Body, we'd like the jacket back.," Chet said.

"Fine! I don't need it! You aren't that cool anyway!," Randall replied.

"Wanna bet, Pee-Brain?"

Dynamic Rodiker came out from behind the group of boys, flashing her usual evil smile. Grinning at Johnny, she grabbed Randall's old jacket...

And put it on.

"Turns out that Dynamic here is a better Scarer than you'll ever be. I mean, what kid WOULDN'T be afraid of her claws?," Johnny replied.

"So MOVE IT! Go find a new fraternity! Wait...are you purple? You go better with PNK!!! Hahaha!," Dynamic teased Randy.

Suddenly, they all got out umbrella's. Randall wondered why...until it started raining.

"Well? SCRAM!," Johnny yelled.

Randall did so, turning invisible. He tried not to, but he couldn't hold back his tears. At least the rain washed them away.

More coming soon!

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