Name: Ora (Occasionally, "The Oracle")
IMG 1714


Homeworld: Gammefrio

Species: Narsitice

Height: Same as DJ

Eye Color: Violet

Hair Style: Long; Wavy

Symbol: Comet

Favorite Color: Purple/Yellow

Age: Unknown

Human Birthday: October 6

Gender: Female

Love Interest: FJ Dask (Possibly), Daevid

Most Likely to Say: "You have an interesting auora about you..."

Least Likely to Say: "Shut up!"

Physical Appearance



Ora was a normal girl, living on her planet, with every normal ability that The Narsitice have, she was very content. Until the tripe eclipse...Her homeworld orbited three different suns, every one of them, blocked off. Every creature slowly died off, one by one, Ora was the last one to go, but, right when she was on the brink of death, the eclipse ended, leaving her, the last of her species, and the last living resident of Gammefrio. She has traveled throughout time and space, ever since.




Ora is ver calm, and quiet. She doesn't talk with other people often, she prefers to be seen, rather than heard. She s often forgotten, and fades into the backround, due to the lack of voicing her thoughts and opinions. She uses her psychic abilities to see the thoughts and feelings of others, so she always seems to know what to say. She never felt love, until, she met two very special young boys...

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