"AHA! I finally caught you, Dib-Monkey!"

Invader Zim, an, "Invader", had caught his nemesis, Dib Membrane, the craziest kid in the whole world. Having caught Dib in an Escape-Proof Crazy Kid Cage 8000, Zim danced in victory as he teased Dib.

" You'll never get away with this, you filthy alien beast! I'll disect your organs, and I'll... hey, you don't look so good.," said Dib. Sure enough, Zim's skin was a little lighter than before, and it seemed his antenna's were dropping.

"I'm fine, Dib. Come, I must take you to my base at once!," Zim yelled! Dib tried to escape, but it was no use. The EPCKC 8000 kept a crazy kid in there. Dib could only lay down and close his eyes a little as Zim carried him to his base.

"HEY, MASTA! YOU BROUGHT HOME THE PUPPY!," yelled Zim's SIR Unit, GIR. Zim dropped Dib's cage on the table, and unlocked the cage.

" Zim, I don't know what you're playing at, but I'm gonna stop it!," yelled Dib. Zim only breathed in silence as his legs started shaking.

" Dib...Dib-Worm... escape with Gir.!," yelled Zim. Dib only gave a look of shock of what Zim just said. Zim fell to the ground, and...

He puked.

Dib grabbed GIR and looked in shock. Zim wasn't sick if he wanted them to escape. Something he ate, maybe, but nothing could stop Dib from looking at the green skinned alien, vomiting at his feet.

Zim fell face down into his own puddle of puke. He wasn't moving, or breathing. He was... shaking.

Dib then saw it: Zim's PAK... was breaking open. Cracks on green light erupted on the PAK. And with that, the top half of the PAK blew off, and fell to Dib's feet.

What happened next could only be identified as something goth people and monster believers would like. A monster slithered out of the PAK, coiled around his neck and head, and made Zim finally stand up.

Zim's face... was now blue. He had four arms now, along with six other spider-like legs, which made Zim's original legs hover in the air.

" Yes, my puppet. Walk, talk, murder, destroy. Do whatever you want to do that involves injuring those humans. Yes, yes..."

GIR cuddled with his piggy and stared the monster that lay before him. Dib only could choke out the one word that every Irken feared.


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