Alrighty! I'm tryin to get better at writting poemz so I've wrote/typed a few that's from the OC's POV bout themself or someone eles.Enjoy~


Tar's Poem

(Yeah This one /may/ suck.I was rushed :P)

Eye sight gone

I no longer see

Which way I go

But guess what I've found

An angel comes

with charcoal eyes

She helps me through pain

I can't imagen life without her

I think it's really be quiet plain

She helps me to stand when I fall

She's there throughout it all

I've found someone who I can

Love,Care for and is

someone who won't

Guide me

The wrong way

Ven's Poem

(Random insparationz were at work on this one :P)

Darkness lies

where light once was

But that is gone

all because

I've found someone

who taught me

how to love

to smile

yet all the while

We now have

a family

One like him

and One like me

So now I know

and always will

they all love me

and forever still

Zeel's Poem

(Yeah I know this is short but I went braindead XP)

My life has left

so long ago

yet now

I will always know

There's someone

who loves me

for who i am

I have my friends

and family

and guess what

that's all I need

(More will come soon when insparation hits meh)

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