A/N: This had to be made. I...I stayed up all night playing HetaOni, and I got so many ideas so I just had to write this! I'm still only like...a little further than halfway through the game, so there will be twists und surprises that even I don't know about yet~

This belongs to TK, so please do not edit this in any way for any reason without permission.

Part One: Arriving at Camp

Maddeline, Taylor, Maria-Theresa, and Elizabeth approached a large campsite. Carin had spread rumors about this camp to her four closest friends, as well as three of her other friends. They had all agreed to come, and Maria had brought her little sister Elizabeth along. They went in two groups: the first one with Maddeline, Taylor, Maria-Theresa, and Elizabeth, and the second with Kjersti, Margret, Ieva, Carin, and Matthias.

" seems it's really here," Maria commented, looking surprised. "Now why don't we take a look around before the others get here."

Maddeline nodded. "Oui, it seems it really is here, though I can't help but feel uneasy..."

Maria ran a few paces forward and turned around. "Vhy is that? It seems perfectly fine! You vorry too much, ja? Look, there isn't anysing zat vill kill us besides ze animals zat usually live in ze forest!"

After a moment of hesitation, everyone followed the Austro-Hungarian to a cabin near the middle of the campsite.

"I...I forgot something in the car," Elizabeth said. "I should go back and get it."

Maria tilted her head. "I sought you had everysing in your bag..."

"Nein, almost everything."

"It's not like you to be forgetful of anything even for a second."

Maddeline looked over to Maria. "My big brother, you guys have never met him, but anyway, he rarely ever forgets anything. Right now, I can hardly remember the last time he forgot anything, but he has days that he can't seem to remember anything."

"You trust me, don't you?" Elizabeth asked. "I'm only going back to get something. No big deal, right?"

Maddeline nodded. "Oui, of course I trust you. You've never lied to us in the past."

"Ja," Taylor added.

Tayor could've sworn she saw Elizabeth flinch before turning around and heading back to the car.

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