"Wha-...?" Dib slowly blinked his eyes open.

He had heard a small knock on his window just moments before. It was midnight, and he was tired.

Slowly he sat up, and looked out the window, meeting a pair of sapphire Irken eyes.

"Zay...?" He asked, quietly.

The shadowy figure nodded, making a motion to open the window.

Dib pulled himself out of bed, shuffled over to the window, and tugged it open.

Zay dropped onto his floor, "Dib," she said quietly, "Dib, I...I couldn't sleep." Zay looked genuinely afraid.

"What? Why not?" Dib asked, concern dripping from his voice.

"I had a bad dream...Y-You had died, and so had En and RITA, and..." Tears started to come to her eyes, and her voice began to quiver, "And as much as I tried to be with you and my friends again, I couldn't...I couldn't die...I was being forced to live in a world where my life was meaningless..." She burst into tears, sobbing quietly.

Dib felt a knot form in his stomach...He had just experienced a similar dream, this time, he had lost Zay, Nik, Alexandria, and his youngest sister...Gaz.

"It's alright, Zay..." He whispered, wrapping his arms around her comfortingly. "I'm still alive, so is En, and your little robot."

"I know, but...I was just so scared, I had to see you, I knew you could help me, I didn't even bother to get my Voot Cruiser or put on my disguise...I just ran."

Dib's eyes widened, "Right down the road, exposed? Zay, you could've been seen!"

Zay sniffed, "I didn't care...Dib...Dib could I stay here for the night?"

"In my house? Uh...Yeah, sure, I can go downstairs and-"

Zay shook her head, "No, I meant, here."

"H-Here...? In my bedroom?"

Zay nodded.

"Just us...? Together? In the exact same bed?" Dib asked, blushing at the thought of what he was suggesting.

"Mhm...Is there something wrong?" Zay clearly didn't understand what he was implying.

"Uh...No, nothing's wrong, just...Climb in," he said, folding back the bedcovers.

Zay climbed over the edge of the bed and crawled underneath the thick, dark blue blanket.

Hesitantly, Dib followed suit, and pulled the covers up to his neck. He let out a light gasp as Zay rolled over, curled up beside him, wand rested her head against his chest, wrapping her arms around his torso. She was asleep almost instantly.

Dib couldn't move, he didn't want to wake up Zay, so he leaned his head on hers, gently, and rubbed her antennae. Zay purred quietly in her sleep.

Dib smiled and closed his eyes, slowly drifting into a peaceful sleep, his girlfriend wrapped in his arms.

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