Fishy 002

This is Old

Name: Dakama

Species: Nightmare Irken

Height: 6' 0"

Eye Color: Gold

Antenne Style: Antenna ends are slightly thicker and ripped up

Symbol: Resisty Hat

Favorite Color: Gold

Age: 25

Human Birthday: February 29

Ranking: Resisty Officer

Gender: female

Love Interest: Aris(?)

Most Likely To Say: "I'm very curious about that."

Least Likely To Say: "TACOS."


After conflicts with the Resisty, Nightmare Irk waged war. The war was disatrous, wiping out most of the Nightmare Irken population and killing quiet a few Resisty members. This war also killed someone close and very dear to Dakama, turning her slightly more bitter, and awakening her inner feisty. 


She's quite fiery, and has a hot temper, with no sense of remorse. Dakama has a tendency to run her mouth, especially with authority, which often gets her into trouble. When she's not being a hot head, she's actual quite level headed. She speaks in very long and formal sentences, and often asks questions as she is very curious.

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