height:a little shorter than Tayree


Fav color: Cream and yellow

Antenne style:Scyth like and two toned

Love intrest:Gem (Maybe)


Nezu the Irken/Dragon hybred


Nezu has emerald green skin being that he's part dragon,he has huge,powerful red wings,a long whip-like tail and clawed hands and feet.His eyes aren't like the normal Irken's,they are yellow with darker yellow slits.He has three blue-ish purple scars over his eyes.He wears a white sleevless shirt,a cream colored jacket over that and dark grey pants.


Nezu is naturally over protctive of the things he owns and has a tendancy of letting his dragon nature show through,getting him in more trouble than he may have already been in.He's some times on edge being that there's a shapeshifter that sometimes follows him,taking his form and causing trouble.Other than that he's good natured and is willing to help some one in need.


Idas:Nezu trys to stay as far away from Idas as posible.The shapeshifter that follows him acationally had taken his form and burned Idas's base when she was a younge smeet,killing her older bother.He's doesn't want to cause her anymore pain than she's already been through.

Hyper:He trys to hide from her,mainly cause of her hyperactiveness and the batter inccodent(Don't ask,not now not ever XD).Even though he trys everythinkng to avoid coming in contact with the fun,Hyperactive creator,he always winds up flying in when she's around.

(More to come soon)

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