The sound of footsteps clicked down the hall, Dib, Zay, En, and Zim looked around, curious where they were.

"Where are we? Where have you placed ZIM?!"

"Quiet you lizard! That's what we're all trying to figure out," Dib snapped.

En scratched her head, "I swear I've seen this place before..." She said, looking around.

Zay nodded, "Yeah...Me too," she agreed.

"You have? Where?! Tell me!" Zim screeched.

"They can't remember! Don't pressure them!" Dib said, whacking the invader.

Finally, they came to the main room, all it had was a counter, and a door that was sealed behind them.

"It's on the tip of my tongue..." Zay said.

"Yeah..." En said, tapping the screen, completely breaking the fourth wall.

"I don't think you're supposed to touch that, En," Dib said.

"Your point is?" En asked, continuing to defy Dib.

"Ha! Would you require a cooling unit for that fire-induced mark?!" Zim shouted, laughing.

Dib just looked at him, and shook his head, "Well, wherever we are, I like it, very futuristic."

Zim spoke, "I never knew you could love inanimate objects, Dib-worm, although, you are very desperate."

Dib punched him, "Not that kind of like!"

"Love...?" Zay murmered.

En's eyes widened as she stopped tapping the screen, "Love!"

Zay understood, "That's it! That's where we are!"

Zay and En both shouted together, "The Satellite of Love!"

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