Razz walked through the rain. It had been many years since she had last seen Scipy. She had taken over the dimentsion she stood in. She had a whole army of the people who lived there. They were still happy, but they helped the Irkens too. Razz always helped the sad members of the city. The moon started to rise behind the clouds. She didn't care about the water, but when her face paint started washing off, the water start
Razz Sitting under a tree
ed to burn. She decided it was a good idea to get out of the rain. Her house wasn't nearby, and she couldn't just go into someone's home. They knew she was an Irken, but they didn't treat her any differently. The closest place with something she could stay under until the rain stopped was the park. She started walking over to it. The rain poured harder. She could see the park by looking at the street lights around it.

The clouds parted and moonlight lit up the park. She was sitting under a tree. She stepped out into the moonlight. It illuminated her like a spotlight. She looked up at the moon. The wind blowed around her. "Make a wish..." it seemed to whisper. Razz closed her eyes and whispered her wish. "I wish- I wish I could see Scip
Razz's Painting

Razz's Painting

y again."

The next day was the same as always. She would go to the park, talk with her friends, and work at the factory. The sky was clear and the sun was bright. She remembered it was Sunday. She didn't work on Sundays. She decided to spend the day painting. She painted rainbows,even though she only saw one once. She realized she was painting them over the moon. She wondered if her wish would come true.

The next night, Razz felt lonely. She walked sadly down the street. And when she looked up, she saw a shooting star. She silently wished her wish again. And the star revealed itself to be a small ship. It landed, and out came Scipy. "Scipy!" Razz exclaimed, running to hug her friend. "Hi Razz. I decided to visit, 'cause it's been a few months since I last saw you," Scipy replied. Razz smiled. Her wish had came true.

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