Warning: GAGR

Gazzy is all mahstah talkz about, it's always, "My Little Gaz," this, and, "Dibsister," that. It getz irritating sometimez, but I lovez to hear nice wordz about Gazzy... and rubber piggys too...

I alwayz lookz out the window when mah mahstah goes to Skool. I pretendz to say, "Bye-bye," but really I is waitingz for the violet haired flower.

Gazzy is mah world, and I lovez her good; sometimez I wish she loveded me too...

As mah mahstah left the base, she came. Well, her big-headed brother camez first, then she camez.

I gotz tired of watching her, so I throwz the door open and ran to her.

"I lovez you, Gazzy! I lovez you good!"

I started spilling everything I loved aboutz her, from her violet hair, to her squinty eyez.

She waz quiet for a real long time, her pretty eyez were wide open.

I threw mah silvah arms 'round her waist and looked up at her.

"You lovez me too? Don't ya Gazzy?"

I waz prepared for limb removal, when all I got waz a soft pat on the head.

"Yeah," she said, "Yeah I do."

Mah mahstah waz angry, so waz her brother, but I didn't care. I reacheded up and grabbed her face in mah hands, then I kissed her.

I had done this before, I couldn't help it, she smellz like pizza. Which remindz me, her brother smellz like puppiez.

When I letz her up again, her face was a little red.

I buried mahself in her black dress again.

"I lovez you Gazzy!"

Mah world waz bright; it becamez even brighter when Gazzy picked me up and whispahed,

"Gitchee Gitchee Goo you too."

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