Name: Mily

Gender: Female

Race: Irken

Eyes: Blue (With goggles) Ruby red (With out goggles)

Skin: Light green

Age: 12 (Irken years) 120 (Earth years)

Birthday: Un-known

Most likely to say: "Hiya! What's up and what not?" "WHERE'S MY PENCIL?!"

Least likely to say: "Are you kidding me?! I mean, really?!"


Mily is always happy to help and will do anything for her friends. Her soft side is easy to show, but her pushy side is very hard to see. The more friends she get's, the more she feels safe around them, and want's to have fun with them. Mily has a habit for pencil's, she doesnt know why, but she likes them. She loves making things, and when they don't work out, she get's all upset, even angry if so. She won't say that she loves her SIR, FiX, but if anything bad happened to him, she wouldnt like it one bit.


Mily's disguise is one of her fav things. She tries to look her best and will do anything to stay in style. Her eyes are light blue, with long black hair with some red to it, her skin is a cream color and she wears a pink t-shirt that goes under her shoulders, with blue jeans and white shoes. Sometimes she wears a white hat, but only if she's in the mood.


Mily was always lonely, and still kind of is. But is also looking for someone who loves her for who she is. Before she started wearing her goggles, boys wanted her for her lovey ruby eyes, which made people go all over her. So Mily started wearing goggles to make people stop and go away. She still wishes for someone to love her for who she is, and will never take off her goggles, only if she really had to. Other then that, her past is pretty weird, but fun, and wishes for the future to be like her past.

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