Mi  (pronounced:  Mee) is an unusually small Irken Smeet who spends her free time collecting and talking about spoons. 
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About Mi

Mi is around five to seven inches tall and is a female, her weight is unknown being she constantly gains and loses some from her unhealthy based diet. It is unknown how her obsession with spoons started, some theories may be spoons are not used/are rare on Irk, other because she is fond of the unique shape. Mi enjoys eating greasy food that is easy to eat such as Chicken Legs and Hot Dogs, if she can't eat something easily with her fingers, she'll try as hard as possible to use one of her eating spoons to eat it. Mi does however love sour fruits, such as blood oranges and lemons, she says because they taste tangy and sweet, which makes her taste buds sizzle. Because of Mi's loud and obsessive behavior is almost impossible for her to make friends, or someone to at least talk to her for an extended period of time. 

Mi's look

Mi has curly antennae that go in front/to the side of her head. She wears an orange safety crossing - like belt accross her chest and a white diaper. Her eyes are a goldish brown and she has one tooth inside her mouth so far.


  • Mi is the only one of Yukinautau's  Invader Zim OCs to be kept
  • Mi's name was created by keyboard smashing and finding names 
  • Mi's obsession with spoons never really had a proper reason to start, it just came into my head for no reason


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