Large present
Your new OC!

You are walking in the chatroom halls one day, early in the morning when nobody is there. You then see something red and green, with what you think is something pink on top, in the distance. You walk closer to the mysterious thing which turns out to be a present. You pick it up and read the nametag, which reads, "To Zeel, for being a great friend through my whole Wiki time." It is not adressed anywhere who it's from, so you figure you should open it. You tear open the wrapping paper, making a large mess of the hallway floor. To your surprise, your present is a new, special Invader Zim Christmas OC. You gasp in shock, having never gotten an OC as a gift before.The next day, you are asking everybody in the chat the same question: "Did you give me this gift?" You have asked every user from Invader Gia to Hyperhearts58. The only one you haven't asked was Xee. Strangley, she wasn't on chat this morning.... Merry Christmas, Zeel.

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